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Hello! I'm Allira, pet photographer and qualified dog trainer with some seriously unhealthy obsessions.

It's true, I am totally obsessed with dogs. Call it "dog whispering" or having a sixth sense, there is something about dogs I just get. I understand their behaviour and can read dog body language like an open book.

My love of all things dogs started when I was very young, and took on a whole new meaning when I adopted Archie and Chico. My world just about revolves around them, quite literally. Each day I plan my routine around their wellbeing, rain, hail or shine.

Another of my unhealthy obsessions is horse riding. I was that girl in school who watched The Saddle Club TV show religiously and read all 44 books from the Pony Pals series. I was lucky enough to spend a big part of my childhood and teenage years participating in riding lessons and learning everything I could about horses. As life got busier, riding lessons took a back seat in my life. But, my love of horses never left, so, when it was time to take my then photography hobby seriously, I returned to the horse world and now relive my riding days through the lens.

I understand that your pet is more that just a pet, they are a member of the family. Nothing brings me more joy than capturing precious memories of your four-legged friend doing what they love most.

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"Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home."

- John Grogan

Teaching my dogs to hug each other purely for a photo is the definition of being a fur-mum.

Archie the Labrador cross and Chico the Border Collie are my two soulmates. I'm not going to lie, I did teach them to hug purely to take cute photos. And, apparently, social media agrees. With over 30,000 followers on Instagram the boys have taken over my own photography account... say what?

But it has not all been smooth sailing. Unfortunately Archie and Chico had some baggage, and I have learned a lot about dog behaviour and training because of them.

I get that not every dog is super friendly. I get that not all dogs can be let off lead. I get that some dogs can be fearful of strangers. Trust me, I get it, which is why I always take into consideration how the dog feels during a photo session above all else.

No off lead recall, no worries.
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