The Portrait Experience


The Portrait Experience

Photo sessions are an enjoyable way to spend time with your pet and preserve their memory in custom artwork for your home or office. This quick guide shows the session process from scheduling your session to the final product delivery.

Schedule your session

Ready to go head with your session? Head to my session information page to view all the details and to book by clicking here. Sessions are held in the late afternoon, 1-2 hours before sunset, to take full advantage of the "golden hour". This is what gives the images the beautiful warm afternoon light.

Once your session is booked in, you will be sent a welcome booklet via email full of information and details about your session. It will include vital information on how to prepare for your session, what to wear, a complete product price list and more.


Preparing for your session

It is getting closer to your session date which means time for some cleaning and preening! Make sure your pet is clean ready for the session, which can include a visit to the salon, toe nail clip, trim or wash. You can refer back to the welcome booklet tips and tricks.

We will also keep a keen eye on the weather to see if there is any rain or heavy cloud cover forecast around your session date. If the weather is not favourable, we will rescheudle for session for another date at no additional charge.


Session time

This is where the real fun begins! We will meet at our session location and enjoy about 90 minutes of photography time. During this time, I will capture a wide range of images based on your session questionnaire. We may also take little breaks throughout the session if needed, especially in the warmer Summer months.

Once the session ends, we will schedule a date and time for your online viewing and ordering appointment. 

Session time.jpg

Viewing your images

This is where you will view the carefully selected and edited images from your session for the first time, conducted through an online meeting. We will begin with a slide show of the images, after which I will help you sort through your favourites and we will discuss how you would like your images displayed throughout your home.

After your viewing and ordering appointment, your selected images will be sent to my professional printing lab where your products start to come to life. You may also see an image from your session feature on my Facebook page or Instagram account. Plus every session receives a dedicated blog post you can share with your family and friends.

Viewing your images.jpg

Delivery of your products

The final step, the big reveal of your new custom products! Your printed products will be sent directly to you from my print lab in Brisbane, hand-crafted and wrapped in metres of bubble wrap for their protection.

Perhaps you purchased digital files only? Images will be sent to your nominated email address with download instructions.

Help with always be at hand if you have any queries in the future, as each product has a minimum 30 year guarantee.

Delivery of your products.jpg

Ready to book?


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