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These hand-picked locations provide a variety of features depending on where you would like your dogs photographed and what they like to do. Each location has some basic information (such as how popular the park is, amount of dogs present, ease of parking etc.) and links to blog posts from sessions captured at that location to give you an idea of the type of images we can capture.

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Fagan Park

Fagan Park is situated in the picturesque suburb of Galston and spreads over 135 acres. This beautiful park is one of my favourite locations, as it also plays host to The Gardens of Many Nations (11 themed gardens over 25 acres), many bush walking tracks, wide open paddocks and the famous tree-lined lake. 
During the week the park is very empty of both people and dogs, with the majority of walkers locals exercising their dogs. Weekends are very busy, I would avoid this location on Saturday's and Sunday's unless you have a very obedient dog.
Pulic restrooms are located around the grounds, and parking is $6 per vehicle.

Fagan Park.JPG

Castle Hill Heritage Park

A beautiful park nestled in the heart of suburbia, Castle Hill Heritage Park is just under 50 acres of manicured lawns and bush walking tracks.
This park is very quiet on weekdays, and can be busy on weekends, but it is easy to escape the popular picnic grounds for quieter walking tracks. Although this is an on lead park, from my experience most of the locals have their dogs off lead and only leash them when approaching other dogs. The park is quiet open, so there is plenty of space to move away from other dogs.
Public restrooms are located at the main car park, and parking is free.

Castle Hill Heritage Park.jpg

Macquarie Park

Calm waters and sandy banks, be transported to the coast in the heart of the Hawkesbury! Macquarie Park is a stunning location, perfect for dogs who love the water and running along the sand, situated just outside of Windsor.
Dogs are allowed off lead in Macquarie Park, and most stay by the shoreline near the car park. Not many venture along the path and around the river bend, which is where I prefer to capture the majority of my images. Weekdays are much quieter than weekends.
Restrooms are by the car park and parking is free.

Macquarie Park.jpg

Lakes Edge Park

A beautiful park tucked away in a residential area, Lakes Edge Park is minutes from Rouse Hill Town Centre. Complete with bush walking tracks, a scenic lake and beautiful greenery, Lakes Edge Park is mainly used by residents to walk their dogs. During the weekend, it can get busy with picnics being held on the main grassy area or on the few table and benches dotted around.
The majority of dogs encountered are on lead, and there is plenty of space to step back and let people and dogs pass.
Parking is free along the road, and there are rest rooms just over the lake.

Lakes Edge Park.jpg

Rouse Hill Regional Park

Complete with bush walking tracks, beautiful woodland and a huge open paddock, Rouse Hill Regional Park is a great dog-friendly park. Dogs must remain on lead at this park, although I have come across the occasional dog off lead. There is plenty of space to move away from other walkers, although during the week it is very quiet. During the weekend it can get busy with picnics and children playing on the equipment.
Parking is free throughout the park, and also has a toilet block.


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